Final Fantasy V Editor
(version 1.2.2)
April 01, 2010


First of all, I would like to thank the people that make public their work, like Instructrtrepe, Shingo Endo, Jorgur, FinalMinuet, Entroper & Miodhchion.
This program was created using parts of their investigations, so this program woudn't exist without their work.


This editor is programmed on Visual Basic 6.0, I used some extra files, so you might need them to run the program, these are:

You can download the program here. Also, I've included the source code if you're curious or want to optimize the program (I'm not good at programming :P)

BTW, you need to register the VB files and not just having around.

This program opens *.smc files, so if you have the ROM zipped, please extract it to start editing. No need to find a game with a header, the program now detects if the game has it or not, thanks to Imzogelmo for the tip. I've tested the program with the original ROM plus some patches & worked fine, if there's a patch that isn't compatible

Also, I didn't validated any field to check if you put something wrong, so the program will crash if you do that (Like putting a character instead of an integer). I know I should fix that, but I'm lazy :P

The program uses the names of the RPGe's v1.10 patch, although some names are slightly changed by myself because I liked them more, like Excailbur is named here as Excalipoor. Also, it might contain a few typos :P

Also, I included the option to dump a text file for each option. The output might not look pretty & might contain some orthographic errors, but I don't mind, it does the job.



There are several things you can do with this program, you have the options to change both your team & the enemy properties, between other things.



You can edit the values of Hp, Mp & Experience when you level up.
Note that this are base values, check the help menu for more information.



You can change who your starting characters are (Though it will be weird to have someone like Krile since the beginning :P).
BTW, most (if not everything) that is here will only be affected when you start a new game, so don't expect it to work  if you start from a save file...
Also, if you choose to have a monster captured, then change one of the commands to !Release, otherwise, it will try to catch another monster...



This is probably one of the most interesting stuff that you can edit, you can change the atributes of any job, including the Freelancer.
You can also edit how many ABP points they need to learn certain ability & even change that ability they learn.

BTW, now it'll randomly display any character (Is just the sprite, it won't have any relation with the character).
You can also change the sprite from the menu bar if you want...



Here, you can edit the item properties. I'm still missing some information, but is looking better each time...
I'm still missing a list for the Parameter 3 (I think is the Animals, Terrain, etc.)

I don't recommend you editing this part unless you know what you're doing


Enemy Formation a

Enemy Formation b

Probably the most interesting part of the editor. You can change any status of the enemies,
the downside is that since there's a lot to edit, I wasn't able to put everything in a single window


Group Formation

It wouldn't be fun to edit a monster if you would have to play a lot to encounter that particular monster. Here, you can change the formation, the group formation & now also the zone. There are some fields I don't know exactly what they do, but I've leave them there...

Note: This is the only part of the editor that doesn't create a txt file (I'm to lazy to do it right now :P)



Newest addition, you can now edit the properties of the Magic.
There's still some info needed to say this section is finished, but in the meanwhile is ok.



You can edit the shops & what they sell.
The option boxes cause me some problems (can't update the item list...)


Enemy AI

As an extra, I added the feature to load the AI, I had some problems reading it
(I don't check the pointers) & I'm not good at programming, so I won't make this part editable.


Job Sprite

Still experimental, just need to investigate to to draw & will make it editable ;).


At last, if you're not very familiar with FFV, I recommend you to check the Algorithm FAQ, you can find it on GameFAQs.