Final Fantasy V
save state Editor
(version 2.0.0)
February 13, 2010


First of all, I would like to thank Dan Scott. I found his save state editor with the source code included.
This help me stating this program & the ROM editor, so neither would exist without his program :)


This editor is programmed on Visual Basic 6.0, I used some extra files, so you might need them to run the program, this are:

You can download the program here. Also, I've included the source code if you're curious or want to optimize the program (I'm not good at programming :P)

This program opens *.zs files (and *.z files), which are the files Zsnes creates when you use the save states. I'm not sure if it can work in any version, but it worked with the ones I tested :P

I didn't validated any field to check if you put something wrong, so the program will crash if you do that (Like putting a character instead of an integer). I know I should fix that, but I'm lazy :P

The program uses the names of the RPGe's v1.10 patch, although some names are slightly changed by myself because I liked them more, like Excailbur is named here as Excalipoor. Also, it might contain a few typos :P

Also, I included the option to dump a text file for most options. The output might not look pretty & might contain some orthographic errors, but I don't mind, it does the job.



There are several things you can do in this program, though most of them has to be on the world map.



Tons of things to do here, may include editing the name in the future...



You can edit your items on the inventory



You can select which magic you have...



Misc codes that are to few to have an own section. I'd included the "Max" something thing here if it couln't apply else.



Pretty much the same settings window as in the game...